The Heat is On! Prepare Your Rancho Cucamonga Air Conditioning Now

Whether they like it or not, Californians can expect hot summer days ahead as SoCal temperatures reach 90 degrees and above in many places. According to NBC Los Angeles, it is also possible for some inland and valley areas, like San Bernardino County, to experience 100 degree temperatures. Should the heat persist, it won’t be just heat stroke that Californians would have to worry about soon:

“This comes as drought-plagued California is desperate for cooler temps and rain. Gusty Santa Ana winds and the hot weather won’t be helping dry conditions. With humidity levels dropping throughout the week, fire dangers increase.

Officials recommend that people limit outdoor activities, drink plenty of water and dress in loose fitting, lightweight clothing this week.”

This type of weather would be much more bearable if households have reliable air conditioning. Homeowners should ideally have prepared for this heat by working with reliable HVAC companies beforehand. Fortunately, those who haven’t can still seek the services of companies like Day Aire, which provides topnotch Rancho Cucamonga air conditioning systems. By working with excellent pros, homeowners only need to worry about finding the right AC unit for their homes.

temperatures in 90s signal start of socal heat wave

If a household only wants to provide cool air to one room, they can opt to have a window air conditioner. This self-contained unit is easy to use and maintain, although as the name implies it needs to be installed on a window. Windowless rooms can instead use a portable air conditioner, which provides the same convenience and efficiency.

However, these two AC units pale in comparison to the central air conditioning system, which can provide cool air to the entire house via a network of ducts and vents. Installing this AC system requires the technical knowhow of an expert, though, because its size needs to be appropriate for the house. If it’s too large, the system may suffer from short cycling; but if it’s too small the system will be inefficient.

An alternative to the central AC is the heat pump, which is less complex and usually doesn’t require ductwork. It essentially works as it sounds: pumping heat out of the house to make way for cold air, and vice versa. That said, only a few providers of air conditioning in Rancho Cucamonga have the expertise to work with a heat pump system, and Day Aire is one of them.

SoCal residents better start looking for these companies, knowing that more hot days lay ahead for them.

(Source: Temperatures in 90s Signal Start of SoCal Heat Wave, NBC Los Angeles, April 29, 2014)

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