Fast, Affordable, and Cost-Effective HVAC Services

Day Aire, a highly regarded family-owned HVAC and air conditioning repair company in Rancho Cucamonga has been working with residents and commercial businesses in Southern California since 1987. They are committed to providing properly sized units and genuine products in a prompt and professional manner. Many homeowners have reduced their utility bills with high efficiency systems configured and installed by Day Aire Air conditioning.

Some of the brands that Day Aire carries include Aprilaire, Day and Night and Honeywell. The Rancho Cucamonga HVAC and air conditioning repair company is highly regarded by manufacturers and receives invitations to participate in their exhibit booths in industry trade shows. Moreover, Day Aire has received offers to be an exclusive contractor within the area by other manufacturers.

In addition to installing residential and commercial systems, this Rancho Cucamonga HVAC and air conditioning repair company also fixes and services units and systems. Here is what some clients have to say about their work:

“Day Aire’s service is very good; they do exactly what they say they would do and are always on time.”

“I am very pleased with Dennis’ work on more than one occasion. He is very polite and always calls back.”

“Dennis helped us pick out the best tankless water heater for our money and even told us about a cash rebate that we can get which was a nice bonus.”

The Inland Empire has always been more susceptible to collecting smog because of its geography so a top priority service provided by Day Aire is improving the air quality in homes. They promote an entire line of products and services designed to keep the air in homes healthy and breathable. Their expert technicians help customers pick out the proper set of items to ensure that the air circulating in their homes is clean and contributes to the good health of their families.

In the last 2 decades Rancho Cucamonga and most of the Inland Empire have gone through a boom of new housing construction most of which are multi-level structures. To meet the heating and cooling challenges of these multi-level homes, Day Aire offers expertise in designing and installing temperature zoning systems with programmable thermostats. These systems allow homeowners to direct warm or cold air to specific rooms so at night the upstairs bedrooms can be cool while the uninhabited downstairs living areas do not have to be cooled.

The biggest advantage offered by temperature zoning systems is the reduction in the cost of heating and cooling the home – lower utility bills!

Day Aire, a Rancho Cucamonga HVAC and air conditioning repair contractor has a highly trained staff and offers nothing but genuine products. 20 years after being established, they continue to satisfy the heating, air conditioning, air purification and ventilation needs of Southern California homeowners and businesses. We serve Inland Empire, Ontario, and Rancho Cucamonga, CA. For more information, click here.