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Businesses with large warehouses must do everything to protect not just what’s stored in them, but employees doing their jobs in them too. Spencer Soper of The Morning Call in Allentown, PA, reports on one such situation that affected a powerhouse firm:

“This time last year, online retailer had ambulances parked outside its Breinigsville warehouse complex on hot days, with emergency medical personnel ready to take workers suffering from heat injuries to nearby hospitals.

Today, Amazon warehouse workers say the facility is refreshingly cool when it’s hot and muggy outside. The company recently installed 40 roof-top air conditioners in its 615,000-square-foot warehouse, part of a $52-million investment in cooling its warehouses around the country.

The dramatic change comes nine months after an investigation by The Morning Call revealed difficult working conditions in the Lehigh Valley facility. Workers interviewed said they were pushed to work at dizzying rates in brutal heat. The heat index, a real-feel measure that considers heat and humidity, surpassed 100 degrees in the warehouse multiple times last year and sometimes exceeded 110, according to reports filed with the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA).”

The situation, which affected a storage facility belonging to one of America’s big corporations, may not be too different among similar facilities in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Temperatures in the city hit the late 80s in June and peaked at 95 degrees Fahrenheit by August, and there are a number of commercial warehouses located in this so-called “World Class Community.” If you have a warehouse that needs upgrades for cooling and air quality, you should call for help from a Rancho Cucamonga air conditioning company like Day Aire.

amazon workers cool after company took heat for hot warehouse

An airconditioning specialist can evaluate the entire facility to estimate the size and number of cooling units needed, with average temperatures and air quality factored in. Soper stated that the searing temperatures at Breinigsville negatively affected the workers, who often had to walk the equivalent of ten miles every day just to get items from the many shelves. The OHSA inspections in June, 2011 prompted the temporary installation of three 440-ton screw chillers; however, the machines were not powerful enough for the entire facility.

Consultations with your Ontario air conditioning contractor can determine where to install new or replacement commercial-grade air conditioners. An industrial engineer familiar with the Breinigsville project said that the facility’s new airconditioners were airlifted by helicopter and carefully set up. The machines’ potential cooling loads were unknown.

High overhead expenses and workplace liabilities await warehouse operators who let stored items be “baked” to destruction and let employees get hurt. A company such as Day Aire can help you safeguard them.

(Source: Amazon workers cool after company took heat for hot warehouse, The Morning Call, June 3, 2012)

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