Make Sure Your HVAC in Rancho Cucamonga is Well-Maintained for Summer

Humid and sweltering summer days are easier to cope with if you have a functional and efficient air conditioner at home. This is why Doug Mahoney of Popular Mechanics advises that you keep your HVAC units in top shape at all times, more so if you have a central air conditioning system. In summary, he suggests that you pay special attention to the condition of the system’s three main parts: the blower, the condenser, and the duct network.

is your air conditioner ready for summer

Ducts are easy to clean and maintain, even if you have fairly little technical knowhow. However, caring for the blower and the condenser may be a bit tricky if you don’t know how to take them apart and put them back together. Considering that summer temperatures in Southern California can reach 100 degrees or more, the conditions will also not be conducive to practicing your tinkering skills.

If you need summer HVAC repairs done in jiffy, it’s best to call on professionals, like the folks at Day Aire, who have plenty of experience in servicing all types of Rancho Cucamonga HVAC systems. They have all the skills and training needed to get your HVAC back to running condition in no time.

The blower unit is directly responsible for providing cold air in your home. The blower sucks indoor air into the air conditioner, which the A/C unit then releases back as cold air. As may be expected, indoor air contains impurities, which are removed by the blower’s air filters. As a homeowner, it is your lookout to keep these filters clean and to replace them when they’re worn out. If the air produced by your HVAC is not as cold as usual, there is likely a problem with your air filters or blower unit.

Meanwhile, the condenser is responsible for converting the air conditioner’s refrigerant or Freon reserves into gas, then moving the gas to the blower unit. The condenser is also the one part of a central air conditioning system that needs to be located outside the house. As such, it is highly exposed to the elements and prone to pests or debris.

Loud clicking or grating noises from your condenser are likely caused by a blockage inside. You will need to remove this obstruction at once because it can damage the entire condenser unit. If it is a job that you are not confident in doing, call a Rancho Cucamonga air conditioning repair company for help.

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