Getting the HVAC for Rancho Cucamonga Commercial Facilities Running

Almost every commercial facility out there has a heating, ventilation, and airconditioning (HVAC) system that can be appropriate for it, based on some factors. An interview of four experts in Consulting-Specifying Engineer magazine notes that:


“Manufacturing and industrial facilities can be particularly complex projects, involving large facilities containing behemoth machinery, hazardous chemicals, and a range of other concerns. HVAC systems and ventilation are complex issues engineers must manage.”

Commercial and industrial facility managers in Rancho Cucamonga, CA will understand the importance of installing powerful HVAC systems to deal with the Inland Empire’s climate. Some of the major facilities in the city that surely fit this bill include the Inland Empire Utilities Agency’s Regional Composting Facility and Toyota North America’s Los Angeles Region technical training center. When your facility’s HVAC mechanisms are in need of upgrade or replacement, professionals who handle HVAC in Rancho Cucamonga, such as your friends at Day Aire, are a phone call away.

One of the primary items to settle in a consultation with your preferred contractor is assessing the size of the subject facility to get a clear picture of the required cooling load. A closer look at the facility’s operational functions is also needed for other special concerns. One of the interviewees, engineer C. Erik Larson, states that in a large open space, there must be a high emphasis on pressurization if the work requires tight humidity controls.

Power savings will mean a lot to managers if the facility can operate at minimal HVAC levels outside official hours and your contractor should consider it in the final system design. Cincinnati architect Ronald R. Regan said modern HVAC systems have variable air volume controls, which allow people in individual rooms serviced by a central ductwork to adjust their own cooling loads by thermostat. A variable frequency drive in HVAC fans bolsters the efficiency.

Some commercial facilities may have stood for several years and will be in need of HVAC upgrades, something that a Rancho Cucamonga air conditioning repair company such as DayAire understands perfectly. In this respect, the facility itself must be analyzed if it still follows local building codes, which will factor into the upgrade job. Regan stresses that the facility’s structural integrity should be evaluated to see if it can handle the new HVAC machines’ weight.

A HVAC system that has been properly designed for a specific commercial facility will be worth its weight in gold. You also make your employees more comfortable with it.

(Source: How to engineer manufacturing, industrial buildings: HVAC, Consulting-Specifying Engineer, 30 June 2014)

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