Getting a School HVAC in Rancho Cucamonga Replaced Before Temps Drop

Winter is just about a few weeks away, but even students will feel chills more than the heat. According to Katelyn Hilsenbeck of The Advocate at Mt Hood Community College (MHCC) in Gresham, Oregon:

Mt. Hood students and staff may find themselves needing to bundle up – both indoors and out – to combat the cold as we slide into October and November.

Sections of the main classroom wing will go without central heating until the end of November, while the HVAC system for the Academic Center is undergoing major renovation.

Workers are replacing large fans and other original equipment in the heating and ventilation system that has grown increasingly unreliable and inefficient after up to 48 years of use.

The $4.68 million overhaul started on Aug. 12 and is divided into three phases, by sections of the Academic Center (both upper and lower levels).

HVAC replacement could put MHCC out in the cold

Students in Rancho Cucamonga, too, may also get shivers as the days wind down. Low temperatures in the city usually stand at 55 degrees Farenheit in October but dip to 21° by December. As student safety is vital to school administrators, it may be prudent for Rancho Cucamonga HVAC experts like those from DayAire to step in with their services.

According to Hilsenbeck, the school’s original HVAC system was based around six truck-size blower fans; they were reportedly installed in the 1960s. The machines were, however, expected to last only 25 years. College Director of Communications Maggie Huffman said the blower fans’ age and deteriorating condition have resulted in hot and cold spots in several sections of the campus.

An HVAC contractor will take note of any vulnerable spots during replacement efforts and act on them before winter weather moves in. The article noted that the first two HVAC replacement legs on several facilities are expected to be finished this month, but the final leg is scheduled from October 21 to November 27 at three classroom wings north of the main Academic Center. The plan calls for replacing the six blower fans with 72 modern blower fans as big as stoves, each with an expected service life of up to 30 years.

The situation at the MHCC can give Rancho Cucamonga air conditioning repair specialists like those from Day Aire impetus to help customers with HVAC concerns late in the year. After all, no student wants to feel blue during the holidays.

(Info from HVAC Replacement Could Put MHCC Out in the Cold, The Advocate, September 26, 2013)

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