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It is important to take deep breaths to put more oxygen into your body– but not when the air quality in your immediate surroundings is lacking. In an article for ABC-KSAT12 in San Antonio, TX, writer Chaya Kurtz says:

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“A little leak isn’t something to ignore. Although you might not notice immediate water damage, mold growth and bacterial growth can begin within 24 – 48 hours of a moisture intrusion. Damp houses have been proven beyond any doubt to cause respiratory illnesses, and a host of other illnesses, too. “Moisture in homes has been identified again and again to be associated with respiratory problems and other detrimental health to people within homes,” said Dr. Richard Shaugnessy, director of the Clean Air Program at the University of Tulsa. “There’s mold, there’s bacteria, and the dampness is more conducive to having more pests in the home.”

The above can be connected to issues related to clean air in Rancho Cucamonga, CA and their effects on residents. Studies show that the air quality index for the city is in the mid-70s, earning it a Yellow (moderate quality) label from the Environmental Protection Agency. If you’re concerned for the air quality in your home affecting you and your loved ones, trust a Rancho Cucamonga air conditioning company like Day Aire to take care of the problem.

An air conditioning technician can inspect your house’s overall air quality, as well as the air quality in each room. High humidity levels often bring about moisture, and with it, the molds that later cause respiratory problems. If there are locations in your house that feel musty, air purifiers will have to be installed and checks of the ventilation will have to be made.

A high humidity level also encourages various microorganisms to thrive. Kurtz cited data from the University of Nebraska, which states that dust mites are present in places with at least 60% humidity and temperatures above 80 degrees Fahrenheit, posing a clear danger to people with dust mite allergies. An airconditioning system work in the residents’ favor by cooling and dehumidifying the air; the humidity needs to be lower than 50% to stop the growth of dust mites.

Professionals at air conditioning in Rancho Cucamonga like the team at Day Aire may recommend a periodic replacement of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system’s air filters. The service enables the removal of potential respiratory threats. Your technician can also suggest mating the filters with UV lighting to reduce bacterial growth.

To quote a classic 90’s rock song, “breathe in, breathe out.” That line cannot stress the importance of preserving cleaner air in your home with help from your friendly air conditioning professionals.

(Source: Air conditioning can benefit your health, ABC-KSAT12, 19 June 2014)

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