Air Conditioning Inland Empire

The following are the most commonly asked questions by customers looking for air conditioning in the Inland Empire:

  1. I have a 2-story home; do I need 2 separate systems for heating and cooling?

Not necessarily. One option that makes sense for multi-story homes is a zoning system that allows a homeowner to control temperatures in different areas of a home. As an example, the air conditioner or heater can be turned off on the lower floor at night while everyone is upstairs asleep in rooms that continue to be either cooled or heated.

  1. I know someone who claims he can install an air conditioner for me at a discount, would there be a reason why I should not use his services?

It is important to engage the services of the right HVAC Contractor. Most freelance installers are not certified and are likely to use pirated equipment. Verify that the company is licensed and that the Technicians have the proper certification. North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certification is supported by manufacturers, distributors, contractors, educators, trainers, utility companies and consumers because it signifies that the Technician is an expert in residential, light commercial and commercial HVAC systems and is knowledgeable in the installation and service of complicated HVAC equipment.

  1. One quote that I have for HVAC systems installation and repair is priced significantly lower than most of the quotes I have received. How can that be possible?

If the price of the equipment is substantially lower than others there is a possibility that it was acquired illegally and that the Manufacturer or Distributor is unaware of the sale. The problem with installing pirated equipment is that the warranty does not apply so if the unit does not work properly or stops working altogether it might not be possible to fix the problem.

  1. How is a good HVAC Contractor different from others?

An important mark of a good Contractor is the ability to figure out the correct size and configuration of HVAC system that works best for your home. Their work includes factoring in windows, roofing, insulation, awnings and other home renovations that would determine whether or not it will be efficient to change out your old system with one that is identical. Installing the correct size of unit prevents moisture accumulation within the ducts thus preventing mold formation. This is very important in areas that have high humidity during the summer.

A good Contractor will include the cost of a city permit which will prevent added costs in fines should the project catch the attention of City Inspectors while the work is in progress. In addition it will not raise problems if and when you decide to sell your home.

5. Why is it that some Contractors can offer discounts while others can’t or won’t?

Contractors that offer discounts often build the amount into their quote so it isn’t that big a deal to offer a lower figure. A reputable Contractor will provide a detailed, itemized quote that leaves no room for bargaining so the only way they can offer discounts is if the buyer agrees to concessions in terms of equipment substitution, parts downgrade or the exclusion of some services.

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