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Day Aire Air Conditioning  located in Rancho Cucamonga are specialists in the design and installation of high efficiency residential and commercial heating and air conditioning systems in Southern California!

If you are on our website it means you are experiencing discomfort at home or at the office as a result of your air conditioning and heating system not working properly. We are eager to help solve your problem but before you call for service, try doing a few, simple troubleshooting steps that may just remedy your situation:

  • Check fuses to make sure that they are not burned-out and replace if needed.
  • Check circuit breaker to ensure that it did not cycle off. Reset if it is turned off.
  • Verify that the thermostat has power and that it is set to ‘on’.

On the other hand perhaps your search is not about air conditioning repair. Maybe your situation and problem is a bit more complex. What heating/cooling situation do you have at home that is causing discomfort and appears to have no solution in sight?

  • Uneven temperatures upstairs and downstairs
  • A room addition has no heating or cooling
  • Hot or cold spots within specific areas of the house
  • A heating and air conditioning system that takes too long to reach a comfortable setting
  • Unusually high electric bills when running system
  • An unsightly AC unit that sits on the roof driving down your home’s value (and that of your neighbor’s)

Change out that old, inefficient heating and air conditioning system NOW and take advantage of tax credits and rebates that can be up to $650:

  • $450 Federal Tax Credit on qualifying systems
  • Up to $200 Gas Company rebate on qualifying furnaces

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